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Just opened another clique! It's

Just opened another clique! It's called Girlfriends Actually, and it's a shipper clique for BtVS' lovely couple, Willow and Tara. While talking to Rae after "The Body" last night (in which Willow and Tara finally got their long deserved on-screen kiss), she mentioned she was thinking about doing a W/T clique. So, of course, I had to offer to run it with her 'cause I just love them. And now it's done! :o) So, go check it out and join the W/T love!

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I'm so annoyed with Visioneer.

I'm so annoyed with Visioneer. My scanner hasn't been working for a while, so I called them last week to see if I could get a replacement. The person I talked to in tech support was extremely rude, which really pissed me off, plus she was chewing gum so I couldn't understand half of what she said, and when I asked her to speak more clearly, she became even more rude. Anyways, after about 50 minutes (30 of which I spent on hold), she said she'd send me a replacement scanner. When I got home from work today, there was the scanner. But it wasn't the same model I have. It was a cheaper model. So, I'm pretty irritated. How hard is it to send me the correct model? I know I told her which model it was several times, yet she still gets it wrong. If they don't have my model in stock, fine. But you don't send a customer something that's less than what they originally paid. So, now I get to call Visioneer again (and hey, they make me pay for the phone call too! isn't that nice of them?). What fun!

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Just a link for today.

Just a link for today. Visit the site and take action. It's well past time we did.

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Ooooh... I get four days

Ooooh... I get four days off work! That will be a nice break... I have lots of stuff to keep me occupied though. Right now I'm watching "Sports Night" (taping "ER") on Comedy Central. It's such a wonderful show... it's absolutely hilarious but what really gets me is that every single episode manages to move me somehow. Not in a corny way, but in a lovely, heartwrenching way. I miss this show so so much... ABC is just incredibly stupid for cancelling it. But then I guess stupidity is what should be expected from networks.

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Last weekend was lovely for

Last weekend was lovely for me... I stayed with my aunt and I was able to spend some quality time with her and my four cousins. I can't believe how big the twins are getting! They are so cute... Kimberley loves to chat and Buzzy (also known as Ryan ;-) is a little stinker. I had two fun sleepovers with Eric and Layla as well (they always insist on sleeping in the living room with me when I visit). I just love my cousins!

I got up at 5:30am this morning just to see the Oscar nominations announced live. Am I obsessed? Yes, I am. I thought the nominations for Best Picture were well worthy for the most part, but I wouldn't have chosen "Chocolat". Don't get me wrong, it was a good movie, but it certainly wasn't that good. I would have put "You Can Count On Me" or "Wonder Boys" in place of it (I've also heard "Almost Famous" is excellent, but since I haven't seen it, I can't say). The only nominee for Best Picture I haven't seen is "Traffic", though I'm dying to see it... maybe this weekend if I have time. Once I've seen that movie I'll probably start on my Oscar predictions (okay, they're not really predictions, just what I would choose to win).

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Oooooh... I need to sleep...

Oooooh... I need to sleep... it's too late to be awake. Ah well, such is my life. Work is keeping me really busy these days. I love my job... it's just time consuming and eats up the free time I used to have. But, hey, money is good! So that makes up for it. :o) Btw, you must visit Rae's new clique, Host with the Most. It is so incredible. Alright, now that I've shared my joy over that, I need to sleep before my head collapses onto the keyboard!

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