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Yup... I've been a lazy

Yup... I've been a lazy girl... I really ought to blog more often. Even Keiko commented that I hadn't blogged recently! So, here I am. How sweet are Emma and Freddi? They sent me this today. Isn't it lovely? I just feel so loved!! Thank you so much, you two! I couldn't ask for better Net friends.

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Bush is already screwing us

Bush is already screwing us up... we just knew this was coming. Just read this and you'll know what I'm talking about. Education as his first priority? Umm... yeah, right. If you want to do something to show your support for a woman's right to choose, please visit And on a more pleasant note, Happy 21st Birthday Karen Keiko! :o)

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Today was another lovely day

Today was another lovely day with Karen and Jeffy... lots of fun stuff!! Jeffy made yummy Dutch Babies for breakfast... very delicious. After that, Karen and I went for a long walk at the cliffs near Montana de Oro. It was a gorgeous day! Not hot, but wonderfully pleasant weather and not a cloud in sight. A perfect day for seeing the ocean. When we got back to the apartment, we lounged around and watched the end of "Stepmom"... then it was time to get ready for Karen's birthday dinner (though her real b-day isn't till Monday) at McLintock's in Pismo Beach, which was a blast. At the restaurant they do this thing where the waiter will stand on a chair and pour water into a glass on your head... while blindfolded! So, of course, we had to have Karen do it (though she really didn't want to, but was a good sport 'cause she's a sweetie). Unfortunately the waiter didn't have a very good sense of aim, so most of the water ended up in her lap and on her head... and she was wearing such a nice dress! At least it was just water... anyways, that gave us all a good laugh, Karen included, though we did feel bad for her. Dinner was delicious and just an all around lovely time. (And yes, Faith, that waiter was a major hottie!). After dinner we came back to the apartment and watched figure skating (we're all obsessed) and Karen opened her gifts. All in all, it was a wonderful day and definitely a good group of memories.

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Hmmm... so you probably noticed

Hmmm... so you probably noticed that the last post didn't quite sound like me... that's 'cause it wasn't! That was the infamous Karen Keiko... isn't she silly? The poor girl had a little trouble with the blog at first 'cause when we maximized her browser window, the page reloaded and she lost her first message. ;-) I'm having fun here in SLO with her and Jeffy though... we had ice cream at Coldstone (they have the yummiest stuff) and watched the "Rocketeer"... very relaxing, but pleasant. Tomorrow we're going to Montana de Oro and then out to dinner to celebrate Keiko's 21st birthday. Fun fun! So I've got lots to look forward to this weekend.

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OK, take two. I don't

OK, take two. I don't think that blogger is as awesome as i did a few seconds ago. it just erased my.... oh, i guess that it is our fault. well, anyway, yea. i think that blogger is cool (except for the name bc it reminds me of booger) bc now i can read what anna writes!! isn't that exciting? well, ok it is for me because we now live 3 hours apart (and i guess that it is cool for you bc you are reading this in the first place!). does that make sense? probably not, but "no pasa nada" my favorite spanish phrase. ANYWAY... Anna made me my favorite cookies for my birthday! Wasn't that sweet of her? Honestly, they are the best, my favorite!!!!! Soft, sweet, spicy...Doesn't that make you want to have one? Well, we have to go have lots of fun now so ta ta!!!

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Ugh... I am so tired

Ugh... I am so tired right now... it was a long day... when I got to work this morning, the computer system was down, thanks to the rolling blackouts here in California... the branch where I work didn't actually have a power outage, but the main library, where the servers for the system are run, was part of a blackout. So, that was exciting! At least we got it back up before the school crowd arrived. Hmmm... I should really finish packing... I'm going to visit Keiko and Jeffy in SLO tomorrow through Sunday (Karen is turning 21 on Monday) so I won't be around this weekend. Yay! So yeah, this was just a pointless post to let everyone know I'll be gone (so behave!). :o)

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Hmmm... re-reading the last post,

Hmmm... re-reading the last post, I must seem like a really big whiner... I swear I'm not! Sometimes things just piss me off and I need to vent. Anyways, onto better and more happy things. SocKs is the sweetest! She sent me a lovely card Tigger card to cheer me up and it did the job. :-) I opened two new sites within the past week, but I forgot to mention them in here... both are clique sites (can you tell I'm obsessed with cliques?). Emma and I have been working on The Path of Thorns, which is kind of like a compilation of cliques, for months and it's finally up! And I thought up Muppet Love just a few days ago and then worked overtime to get it open asap. Such fun! Rae and I are also planning a clique together, so hopefully that will be open soon.

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I didn't want to bring

I didn't want to bring this rant onto the Net, but I'm so tired of this crap. Ever since we opened BiP in December of 1999, Emma and I have seen tons of elite rings and clubs pop up all over the Net. Many of them are completely different from BiP, and we have no problem with them whatsoever... I'm a member of a few. But then there are the people who make elite rings and clubs for the best Buffy sites, which is exactly what BiP is. I just do not see the point of having two elite Buffy rings... it makes the rings less elite and it really destroys what we set out to do with BiP: bring together the very best sites in one place and encourage people who don't have the best sites to improve them. Emma and I really thought (or at least hoped) we had been doing that, but when we see copycats, it doesn't seem like we're achieving anything at all. And then I read this at today:

"There are 100's of Buffy the Vampire Slayer rings on the internet and they all have pretty much the same rules. Nice page, good content, etc. So why are we making another one? Because we want at least one elite ring that lives up to it's purpose and only allows the best of the best to join. We know every elite ring promises that but we are going to be the first that actually goes through with our word 100%. See if you live up to the requirements and see if you can officially call your Buffy site 'the best!'"
What really gets to me is that this was discussed with the owners months ago when they originally said they were making an elite Buffy ring. They seemed to agree with what we said and they told us they had decided not to do an elite Buffy ring. Now it seems they've changed their minds and are out to insult us as well. Am I being a bit overdramatic? Maybe. But to me it really seems that they're trying to say that BiP doesn't accept only the best sites. And since Emma and I had already discussed this with them, it makes me all the more certain that they're referring to us. I find it completely rude and it's pissed me off (or couldn't you tell?). I don't normally like to post stuff about other webmasters on here, but when they do something like this, I'll make my opinion of them known. It's people like them who make me think I shouldn't even bother with BiP anymore. It's a lot of work and it causes me more stress than I need, and when I see stuff like that, I think, "Why bother?" It really makes me wonder if we're doing as much good as we set out to do.

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My, what lovely weather we're

My, what lovely weather we're having here!! Loads of rain and wind galore... okay, I admit that California weather never seems bad compared to the weather in other places, but for us native Cals who've never had to deal with snow and whatnot, this is enough. You may or may not have noticed that I added another site to my stash... The Path of Thorns is a collective of various cliques Emma and I wanted to do, so we just put them all together. Hmm... now that I'm done with that bit of self-promotion I think I'll go call my aunt.

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Okay, this won't actually post

Okay, this won't actually post while I'm writing this 'cause my website server is down. :o( Still waiting for Infinet to call me back and tell me what's going on. La la la. Such fun. I'm too tired... I worked from 12-9pm today and we were slightly short-staffed, so it was pretty hectic. So I guess I won't ramble on 'cause I don't have much to say... I'll just keep trying to post this thing till the server works again!!

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It's so much fun when

It's so much fun when psychos send you completely nonsensical messages... someone submitted this through my Contact page just a bit ago:

"Why won't you be my affiliate, I have used the "1,2,3" menu on my site and you can't stop me. Basicalally you're a hard faced slag and I couldn't care less if you died. Next time you smell fire get out of the house cos I'm gonna burn you alive you evil witch (or sarah subdan). Also changing the layout of your site might do you some good, and no don't add a new colour, that blue thing was just pathetic. wanna see my top website its tons better than your crap. IT HAS TALENT. By the way I'm not Michael. I'm Julie. Eww Jane, Eww Gina you stupid ugly hairy whore. I love cheese as so does my family. SALLY'S MY BEST FRIEND. Shark attack, run BOY. I wanna see that BOY. The BOY is mine. I'm mad about the BOY. I'm Julie, lick my kishel (my daughter), I'm 13. I LOVE TIM AND JANE. I raped BOBBY and SAMAJENKINS"
Don't ask me what the heck all that means 'cause I have no clue. I find it hilarious that wackos who claim to have "top" sites won't even send you their URL 'cause they're so embarrassed by their own site. Pretty sad. Seriously, though. It sounds like the rantings of a madman! I've gotten insulting e-mails before, but this one is just plain crazy. Oh well. At least it was good for a laugh!

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I had a pleasant evening

I had a pleasant evening with Karen and Leanna... I invited Leanna over to watch "Friends" and "Whose Line is it Anyway?", and while I was talking Karen about it on the phone, she invited herself over (ha ha Keiko, jk! i was planning to invite you anyways!), so we just hung out and watched TV all evening ("ER" was wonderful). Lots of fun!! Did I ever mention how much I love just hanging out with my friends? They are the best.

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I am just too darn

I am just too darn lazy with this blog! I was just reading XG's blog and I can't believe how much she has written in comparison to me! Apparently I just don't have that much to say! :-) I realized yesterday that I really didn't see that many movies this past year, which sucks because I'm usually a big moviegoer. But out of movies I did see, I have to say that "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is the best. I highly recommend it. "You Can Count On Me" is an extremely close second. I'm anticipating "Traffic" as well, though, so I won't give my final verdict till I see it.

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Finally back... okay, I've actually

Finally back... okay, I've actually been around, just not spending that much time on the Net. All my best friends are in town, so I've been visiting with them as much as possible. We had a wonderful New Year's Eve together. Isn't it just great when you can relax with people you love? :o) I switched back to the old layout... I think I like the red better than blue, but I'm still trying to decide if I should change the pics to something else (possibly Buffy related?)... what do you think? Drop me a line and tell me.

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