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Just wanted to say Merry

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it (and Happy Holidays to everyone else!)... I've been having a lovely day so far... lots of wonderful presents and quality family time. And I had a blast seeing "It's a Wonderful Life" at the Stanford Theatre last night. So, I hope everyone else's holidays are just as pleasant!

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Ugh... I hate having to

Ugh... I hate having to go to bed early... but I've got to get up for work manana, so off to bed I go! Can you believe Karen and I made about 200 cookies today (ginger, thumbprints, and butterball)? Crazy, isn't it? We had fun though. "The West Wing" was wonderful tonight... I just adore that show... Josh is most definitely my favorite character (but everyone, and I mean everyone, on that show is amazing). Just a few more days till Christmas! Yay! Anyways, I'm off to get some sleep.

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I just got home from

I just got home from work an hour ago... such fun (actually, it was... I just started working at the public library here, which pays really well and everyone is so nice). I'm tired though... and I missed Roswell. :-( Okay, not totally... 'cause I taped it, so I'm going to watch it in a few minutes. But still, it's more fun watching it live. Anyways, the tape is done now, so I'm off to watch! How pointless was this message? (Yes, I know... they're all pointless... hence the coolness of the blog).

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This is going to be

This is going to be a long one... just got back from Jeffy's house. She's home! Yippy skippy! (I have no idea what that means). I had an insane day before that though... Karen and I left early this morning to go to Jeffy's to decorate her room and such (her mom gave me a key), but they only have one door with a working lock on it (and it just happened to be a pretty old one). Karen and I could not get the key to open the door, so we figured the key was defective or something (or we're just incompetent). So we walked over to the university, where Jeffy's dad works, to get his key. When we got back to the house we tried Mark's (Jeffy's dad) key, but the door still wouldn't unlock, no matter how much we tried. So we figured we either had broken the lock or were just incredibly stupid (and we were really hoping it was the latter). When Mark got home, we unfortunately discovered that we had broken the lock (and we feel really bad about that), and since none of the other door locks work, we had to use a window. Thankfully one was unlocked, so Mark was able to climb in and open the door. Throughout this whole time, Jeffy's dog, Charlie, had been at the door barking and whining because he was really scared since he couldn't see who was outside and all that noise was going on. Poor Chuck... anyways, we were finally in the house and we decorated Jeffy's room as quickly as possible, and then left for the airport with Lorene (Jeffy's mom) and Mark. Since Jeffy flew in from London, she arrived at SFO's brand-spanking new International terminal, which just happens to have the most insane and unorganized set-up I've ever seen at an airport. Everyone, from every single international flight, walks out into the gigantic lobby (over half of which seemed to have no purpose though) through the same set of doors, so naturally there was a huge crowd around the "walkway" they had for the passengers after they came out from customs. Just a mess. So we tried to get as close as we could to see Jeffy come out and I think we stood there for over 40 minutes, and still no Jeffy (though others from her group had come through). All of a sudden, Lorene spotted Jeffy all the way across the lobby, already out of the walkway. It turns out they sent her (and only her) through another door (don't ask me why... we have no idea) so she had to come and fight the crowd to try to find us. But we finally did get to her and I am just so glad she's home!! Yay!! Now I'll be spending huge chunks of my holiday vacation with her. I couldn't ask for a better Christmas present. ;o)

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I think I spent way

I think I spent way too much on Christmas presents... I don't even want to try adding it all up... I can't believe how much stuff I bought! It's insane! Anyways, I'm going to be broke for a loooong time. But, hey, at least it's Christmas vacation! To quote Xander: "Woo! And might I add a big hoo!"

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Well, Bush is going to

Well, Bush is going to be our 43rd president... I don't really have much to say on this 'cause I still think the man is an ass, but if Gore can be that gracious to him, I can keep my mouth shut (well, at least partially). I should be studying, but I'm doing a new layout for leaving normal instead. What can I say? It's just a lot more fun. :o)

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I know I just updated

I know I just updated a little bit ago, but I just found out that Comedy Central will be airing repeats of Sports Night starting December 28th! If you've never seen the show, I highly recommend checking it out... ABC was just plain stupid for cancelling it. I miss it so much! At least a network is finally acknowledging how great the show is.

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Yay! Jeffy is coming home

Yay! Jeffy is coming home on Friday! I am so excited... I talked to her on the phone today, lots of fun... also got to see Keiko (how did the lasagna come out?) and enjoy Beatles music with her. So, I'm guessing most people heard about the U.S. Supreme Court ruling? I thought it was really pathetic that one of the main reasons they gave for ruling against the recount was that there wasn't enough time (hello! there would have been plenty of time if you hadn't stopped the recount on Saturday). And whose fault is that? At least it was a split decision so we know some of the justices have brains (yes, yes, i know. they're all way smarter than me, but this is my rant, so who cares?). What I really want to know is what people were thinking when they voted for Bush (or maybe the problem is that they weren't thinking! kind of like Bush himself)... I mean, look at that guy... he's such a dope! Let's just hope the dope doesn't screw up the country he shouldn't be running.

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Yay! New layout! Okay, not

Yay! New layout! Okay, not really a new layout, just new colors and graphics on the same layout... I wanted something winter-y and Christmas-y. 'Tis the season! (How cliche, I know) Send me feedback and let me know what you think.

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Yay! Just got my BSB

Yay! Just got my BSB tickets for their March 2 concert in Oakland. The seats aren't that great (though they should be, for the price I paid), but that's 'cause wasn't selling the tickets (even though the BSB website said they would be), so I had to go to, but I didn't get there quickly enough. Ah well. At least I got seats. Had an awesome night yesterday with Diane... went to downtown and saw "You Can Count On Me" (which is an excellent movie and I highly recommend it) and then we wandered around downtown for a few hours just chatting and having a great time. Don't you love nights like that?

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Well, my cold seems to

Well, my cold seems to be disappearing - finally! I can't stand being sick... no fun at all. Go visit TFAN right now... Freddi's layout is so gorgeous! (as if it's ever been anything else ;-)

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